California DREAMS provides accelerated prototyping and Lab-to-Fab transition capabilities for advanced IC development across a full range of technology platforms. Customer engagements are tailored to address a wide diversity of fabrication project types – ranging from short turnaround unit process prototyping to full flow IC prototyping to full-flow volume IC manufacturing.

These projects are enabled by state-of-the-art nanofab and foundry services (covering compound semiconductors and Si within the superhub) with pre-developed processes, pre-negotiated terms, a cloud-based integrated data and analytics architecture, and a dedicated Prototype Integration and Engineering Service (PIES) team.

The PIES team includes engineers from each university and industrial nanofab within the superhub, with expertise in the full range of deposition, etching, lithography, and metrology tools deployed in the superhub for a variety of technology platforms. Coordination of the PIES team across the facilitates speed and efficiency for the projects, while maintaining a consistent focus on process control, IC design, and analytics optimized for eventual transition to manufacturing.