Unprecedented EW Capabilities

California DREAMS will concentrate its efforts in 5G/6G technologies and on the broader effort to establish advanced communications networks, focusing mainly on hardware. One goal of the superhub will be to accelerate the transition from invention to impact.

The California DREAMS includes a dedicated team to address technical challenges in higher frequency multi-spectral operation, high linearity, high dynamic range, wide bandwidth, frequency agility, high-sensitivity (low white and phase noise), simultaneous transmit/receive, multifunction, adaptive beamforming, adaptive nulling, anti-jam, low observability, and other advanced RF capabilities.

Because advanced RF systems require a low-volume mix of semiconductor components, California DREAMS includes seven premier university nanofab laboratories and three leading “DOD-volume" fabs, all in Southern California. All are EW and 5G/6G leaders with state-of-the-art research laboratories and compound semiconductor fabs that deliver packaged components into DOD-fielded systems. Our universities and corporate partners will co-create a technology portfolio that meets a wide range of DOD and commercial advanced RF applications.