California DREAMS is anchored by the new MOSIS 2.0, an extension of the well-known service launched by USC in 1981 and that became self-sustaining by 1987. MOSIS provided affordable access to nascent silicon technologies for academia, industry, and government. Since its founding, MOSIS has supported 50+ US government laboratories and agencies, 800+ colleges and universities, and 100+ companies. MOSIS has trained thousands of microelectronic design engineers, launched the fabless semiconductor model, and been financially self-sustaining for over 35 years.

MOSIS 2.0 serves as a storefront and central gateway between users and our end-to-end prototyping services, thereby reducing the barriers to innovation. We have architected a secure data and analytic architecture to support EDA tools, a manufacturability analytics platform, and connectivity to government and Superhub-curated Intellectual Property (IP).  A key aspect of MOSIS 2.0 is its focus on scaling the advanced process and prototyping technologies within the superhub toward eventual transition to high-volume production.  This is accomplished by exploiting uniform process control and evaluation methods across the superhub.